To see the photos, you will need the adobe flash plug in,
just click the links in the menu on the left of your screen.
If you don't have the flash plug-in, an icon will appear that links to
Adobe's web site so you can download it. It's free.

Once on a photo page, click a photo with your mouse to zoom in.
Click the photo again to zoom out.
Use your mouse or your arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate to other photos.

If a photo has a circle arrow icon in the lower right corner, you can click the icon or press
the "F" key on your keyboard to flip the photo over and see a caption.

Photos are arranged in the menu by month. To the right of each month is a vertical line
followed by a number. This is the number of photos on that months page.

Click the "Return to Index" link at the top of the menu to go back to the main photo index.

If the number is higher than 25, there will be more than one page of photos.
Look for an arrow on the side of the group of photos to see more photos from that month!

You can also go fullscreen with the photos by right clicking (windows) or control clicking (mac)
on the photo. When you do this a menu will appear with the option to go fullscreen.
Once you are in fullscreen mode every thing works the same except that on some machines
I noticed that the arrow keys and "F" key functions don't work, so you will have to rely on your mouse
to navigate the photos. Press your "esc" key to exit fullscreen mode.

If you forget these instructions while you are on a photo page,
you don't have to come back here to view them because
at the bottom of the menu (lower left corner of your screen) is a help menu.
Just roll your mouse over the word help and it will show an abbreviated version
of these instructions. You should be able to try it right now. Look at the bottom left
of your screen for a yellow word "help".