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10/05/2004 - The News is now going to be posted on a different page off of the main SillyCar Hub. Nothing new will be posted here from this point on, but this page will be maintained in case anyone is interested in reading it or seeing the pictures that are only linked to from here. To go to the new News page, click here!

03/10/2004 - Grace is 9 months old today! More pictures of Grace have been added, including a great photo shoot by Treasured Expressions Photography Studios. We hope you like them. Click HERE! to see them.

10/23/2003 - More pictures of Grace have been added, including some festive halloween shots. We hope you like them. Click HERE! to see them.

9/23/2003 - Our Tree Fell Down Today!!!!! Well, half of it... It just missed the house (phew!). Unfortunately, the other half is hanging over our roof as we speak! If you'd like to see the pics, click here!

8/24/2003 - Sorry it's been so long since an update has been added. There's been a lot going on. Melissa and I bought a new house and had a baby! If you would like to see some pictures of her, click here!

For those of you interested in the music end of things, I have been writing some tunes and am planning to start recording the new album sometime in the fall with a hopeful release date before christmas time. I'll keep you posted. See ya - Joel.

1/29/2003 - New Edgewise home page added. Click the Edgewise button to see it. Also, click the "Photos2" button to see new concert photos added from our second concert! Or, if you're a lazy sort, you can just click here to go straight to the photos. We also added a new link to the link page and if you missed them on the home page, we gave the speedometer some new lights! YEEEHAW!

If you missed the Official SillyCar iNews Letter, you can click here to see past issues... Ok, so there's only been 2 issues so far and only Volume 2 is available to view but we don't care! If you think it's silly, then don't click here!

Also, Joel has begun to very slowly work on his new solo album. He finished the cover art, before writing any of the songs, which is really a weird way to do it for sure, but he was inspired one day. He is hoping to complete the album by the end of Summer 2003, but with a new house and baby on the way, it is going to be tough! Click Here to see the latest ultrasound pic of Joel and Melissa's Baby!

P.S. If someone writes an email saying they'd like to see the new cover art posted on this website, Joel will probably post it for you. Hint Hint... We love feedback!

7/18/2002 - The Edgewise concert was a success! If you missed it, sorry pal! You should have dragged it!! Keep you eyes on the site for concert photos and maybee a video clip!!! We will be updating the site very soon.

P.S. What do you think of the new speedometer on the home page? Pretty Silly eh? Drop us a line and let us know if you can guess what kind of car that was taken from!!!

6/11/2002 - The new Edgewise album is finally finished! It is called One Thousand Words, and there will be a live concert on Saturday, JULY 13th at the Ballston Spa Elks Lodge on Rt 50 in Ballston Spa. Anyone is welcome to attend, all we ask is that you call or email Scott or Joel ASAP to let us know if you're coming so that we can give the Elks a head count. To find out more about the new cd, click here! There is also a new song on the mP3 page "On and On" Click here to check it out! Also, a new ordering button has been positioned on the albums page, so if you or your friends would like to order a cd and make us feel good, go to the albums page and look for the order button to find our how! See you all July 13th.... Be there or be square!

Also, for a special message from SillyCar Music, Click Here!

12/04/2001 - A major update to the site has just been completed! Three new albums have been added to the albums page and three new buttons have been added to the navigate bar. The Edgewise button goes to the concert photos section, the underground button goes to Scott's website, and the new links button goes to a links page of some of our favorite sites. Also, the story of the SillyCar has finally been added! Just click the SillyCar button to read it.

10/15/2001 - Well, the wedding went off without a hitch, and featured the world premeire of a new project from Scott Voelker and Joel's Brother, Dave! The name of their project is DaVee and they co-wrote a song called "Can You Believe" and performed it live at the reception! Awesome! Look for the cd to appear on the album pages as soon as I get a chance to update it. Also a new song was premiered by Joel entitled "Today" which was written just for Melissa and also some instrumental music was played during dinner. Look for a new cd by christmas time tentatively titled "Dinner Music" from Joel. Well due to the wedding and all, I've decided to add some photos for your enjoyment. CLICK HERE to view them. WEDDING PHOTOS!!! <- or there will work just fine too! Download these photos quick while you can because they will only be posted for a short time!

Our wedding also featured a great song by my cousin and spider toothed groomsman (check out the wedding photos!) Mark Huzars' band Amid The Ruins called "Stop Wasting My Time"! Check that song out and more on their website by clicking here.

Hopefully the Edgewise machine will be up and running again shortly after Christmas. I will keep you posted.

8/29/2001 - Sorry it's been so long since an update was done! I have been very busy planning my wedding with Melissa! But I wanted to post a link to Scott Voelker's new web site which has information about the upcoming Vee album! The Edgewise 2001 concert has been canceled due to the businiess of both of our schedules. We are making plans now however to prepare for the 2002 concert. Many apologies to all who actually read this stuff and give a crap. Anyway, click here to visit Vee's site! Also, the Amid The Ruins site (see below) has been updated, so check it out too by clicking here.

3/14/2001 - We've just added to the site our concert photos! Click Here to view them! Joel has been very busy with the wedding plans and what not, so development of this site is going slowly, however, he did just recently get his cousin, Mark Huzar up and running on the web with his newest project called "Amid The Ruins" featuring Mark and his housemate John Michaud. Check out their site by clicking here! We have not yet set a date for the 2001 concert of Edgewise, but it will be posted soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

1/30/2001 - Scott is currently working on some songs for the upcoming Edgewise project. Joel will hopefully be able to help with the writing soon, though he is right at this very second working vigorously to get the SillyCar website up and running...

We will be making the plans for the Edgewise 2001 summer concert very soon. This concert is going to be called the "no excuses" tour because we are going to let everyone know way ahead of time when it will be, and very few excuses will be accepted. Look for a date somewhere in the middle of July. Don't worry Dave and Brian, we will do it before the Track opens!

To see photos of the first ever Edgewise concert, which was held on August 12th, 2000,
click here (Just Added!). There are also rumors of a video of this historic performance existing.

For those who haven't heard the latest release from Scott Voelker (Vee - Little Wiser), check out the albums page and the Mp3 page!

Fresh on the heels of the new Second Chances EP, people might be wondering if Joel and Melissa will be doing more projects together. The answer is most definitely a yes, however with the wedding coming up and the new Edgewise project in progress, we will probably not start the next project until October, 2001. Melissa will more than likely be featured vocally on the new Edgewise album though, so keep your ears peeled.