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SillyCar Music is a home based music company that I started in 1991 as a means to express my musical creativity. I started out making cassette tapes and handwriting liner notes in an attempt to make them look like real albums. SillyCar Music has since grown to a completely digital macintosh based recording studio including cd manufacturing and printing as well as design all from within the confines of my cozy apartment. SillyCar Music has also grown to include a band (Edgewise) and a joint project called Second Chances featuring Melissa Glastetter. Edgewise was the brainchild of Scott Voelker who was inspired by some of my early recordings and pushed for us to do an album and consequently, a live show in the summer of 2000. The concert featured two guest musicians, Bill Twist (Bass) and Rick Bowles (Drums). Click the Edgewise button for more info on the show.

Future collaborative efforts with Scott Voelker of Underground Music will incorporate digital file transfer with no loss of quality so that we can each work on our parts at home at our leisure rather than trying to make time and work around each others hectic schedules. Hopefully this will make for a more diverse recording.

As for the name "SillyCar Music", the story goes a little like this. In 1990 I made some instrumental recordings using my Roland Juno 106 synthesizer and a regular tape deck. I didn't normally let anyone listen to them because I am a little shy about that sort of thing. However, one day a friend of my father, Jack Bailey, was visiting and expressed an interest in my music, so I played some of it for him and he said he really liked it. Well, I thought that was the greatest thing and Jack has since become known as my first fan.

Now, that doesn't really explain the name I know, so let's back it up a little. When I was a little kid, my dad used to take us to Jack's car dealership (Bailey Motors) once in a while and Jack always treated us (my brother and I) nice and he always had cool cars. He also had a dealers license which meant that he could take us to the dealers car auction to buy cars. Well, when my brother was 17, he got one such car for christmas that my parents bought through Jack. It was a 1974 Dodge Colt GT. Nothing special really, except that it had the coolest paint job! It was black with metal flakes in it, so when the sun hit it, it looked like rainbow glitter all over the car! It was pretty cool. That car was handed down to me, but only lasted another 2 or 3 months because it had 196000 miles on it! So then I got to go to the auction with my father and Jack. I had great hopes to come home with a cool car, but because of my fathers influence, I ended up coming home with a Yugo! I was not a happy camper at first, but as the months passed and I started to take better and better care of that car, and learned some auto mechanics along the way, I began to love that little Yugo and a serious fascination with automobiles was born. I love cars in case you haven't figured it out yet. Anyway, I had the Yugo for another three years and subsequently purchased another "hand me down" car from my brother. A 1987 Toyota Celica ST which was also purchased at auction by one Jack Bailey for my brother. Well, Jack had dubbed this car "The SillyCar". I guess becuase Celica and SillyCar sound similar. So everytime I saw him he would ask "how's the old silly car doing?" It always made me laugh and it stuck with me. So since Jack was my first real fan, I picked the name for my music label from him.

The Celica is gone now, but the name remains. A new SillyCar has been born. A 1995 Honda Del Sol Si, my first brand new car purchase. I bought it because I felt that it was a worthy successor to the original SillyCar because of it's impracticality and downright coolness. I have had it now for almost 6 years and 77000 miles (as of 12/01/2001 and it has proven itself everyday. It never complains and always drives like a champ!

As my production process became more sophisticated and I started doing my design work and printing of my cds at home on my computer, I decided that I needed a logo, and the current SillyCar logo is inspired by the headlights on my Del Sol Si. (The Si stands for silly I think).

As an avid car lover, I am always thinking about which car could be the next SillyCar even though I will not be ready to purchase one for a couple of years. My favorite car in the world right now is the Audi TT. It is beautiful inside and out, but is a little out of my price range. It would make a great SillyCar though. My current realistic pick (meaning I might actually buy one because I could afford it) is the new Mini Cooper S which comes out in march of 2002. It is a very silly automobile. Small and sporty just like the Celica and the Del Sol. So the Cooper S (I think the S stands for "silly"... can you see a patern here?) is the current choice for me, but if you have other suggestions, please email them to me. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, that's the story in a nutshell or something like that. If anything is unclear or you just think I'm a freak, send me an email, and I will try to fix it.

Hope you enjoyed this page....


--Joel Andrew Glastetter


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