SillyCar iNews Volume 2

For those who don't know, Edgewise is a band formed by Scott Voelker and Joel Glastetter in 2000. This photo is from their first show on Aug. 11 in Rotterdam. Click the photo to see more!!

On Saturday, July 13th, Edgewise will be performing their 2nd ever live concert at
8:00 pm at the Ballston Spa Elks Lodge on Rt. 50 in Ballston Spa.

If you are receiving this newsletter, then you are cordially invited to attend this free all ages show!!! Bring your friends if they would like to come too! All we ask is that you call or email Scott or Joel to let us know approximately how many will be coming with you so we can get a head count for the Elks. Click here to email us!

The first concert featured Rick Bowles on Drums and Bill Twist on Bass Guitar. It was a blast! So if you missed it, let's get on that horse and try not to make it two in a row... ok?

This years show will feature Gary Butts on Bass, Dave Millington on Drums, and Melissa Glastetter on Backup Vocals among other surprises!!!

Joel and Scott have been hard at work in their studios this year. The new album contains 14 new songs which were all recorded digitally at SillyCar Studio and Underground Studio. The songs were passed back and forth digitally between Scott's Korg D16 digital desktop studio and Joel's iBook computer. This gave them more flexibility to work on the album at their own studios on their own time and then share ideas when it was convenient.

The end effect was a better sounding album overall than the first release "Slip". The album was mastered on an Apple iBook Computer using AudioDesk Software and a MOTU 828 Firewire recording interface at SillyCar Studio. AudioDesk is written by a company called Mark Of The Unicorn which specializes in computer audio interfaces and software written exclusively for Apple Macintosh computers. You can visit them at if you'd like to learn more about this cool company and their products.

We hope you enjoyed reading this issue of SillyCar iNews.
And we hope to see you all at the Edgewise concert.

You can also find cool solo efforts from Scott and Joel on!!!!

Scott's most recent solo release (under his stage name, "Vee" is called "Beneath The Surface". It is a very personal album for Scott
and contains 8 songs. It also has a cover song "Wicked Sensation" by Lynch Mob. and contains a bonus track "Can You Believe" performed by DaVee (Scott's side project with David Glastetter.

Joel's Most Recent solo release is called "Dinner Music". It contains instrumental music written for his wedding and one song with vocals entitled "Today" written for his wife Melissa. It has 13 songs plus 2 bonus tracks including the live version of "Can You Believe" by DaVee!

For those of you who wonder about where a name like SillyCar Music comes from, we have the story posted on our website. You can click here for that story!

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Special thanks to everyone who helps out with anything we do. You know who you are.

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