Legal & Other Junk

My newest album has just been completed. It contains 12 instrumental songs and 3 with vocals.

The first 4 tracks are new songs that I wrote specifically to be played during the dinner at our wedding reception. The idea of this album was to get enough new instrumental songs to play throughout the dinner. But as with all things, time ran a little short and I only got 4 done. So I used some songs from my older albums to fill up the space and they fit the style of the album nicely. I also wrote a new song with vocals called "Today" which I had the DJ play after dinner for Melissa and I to dance to.

This album also includes the new DaVee song "Can You Believe" which was part of Dave's "Best Man Toast" at the reception. Track 14 is the studio version and track 15 is the live version which was taken from the actual live performance at our reception. This was Dave's first song ever! And he did a great job with it.