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The sophomore album for Edgewise was longer in the making than expected, but finished in a flurry of songs and yielded great results. Including some nice backup vocals by Melissa Glastetter.

One Thousand Words is also the first Edgewise album to feature a guest musician in the SillyCar Studio! Gary Butts (of such bands as City Lights and Urban Gumbo) played bass guitar on "Breathless" and "Falling For You". "Falling For You" was done in one take after Gary had only heard 30 seconds of the song!

This was the first album to be passed back and forth digitally between SillyCar and Underground studios. This gave us more freedom to take our time writing our individual parts on our own time. Also, using new equipment such as Korg's D16 digital recording studio and Mark Of The Unicorn's 828 Firewire interface with Audiodesk software allowed us to produce more polished pieces. All of the recording was done digitally and the mixing and mastering was done within Audiodesk on Joel's lime green 466mhz iBook. Scott and I had a ton of fun making this cd and we hope everyone enjoys it.

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