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All of the cds in the SillyCar and Underground Music catalogs are hand made, one at a time. This means that there are very limited numbers of them out there. Also, your name can go in the liner notes! Now how many of those dusty old cds in your collection have your name in the liner notes?

Additionally, how many of your cds are hand signed by the artist? All of our cds are signed.

This is homemade music at its finest. Made by people just like you. This is another good reason to buy your own copy. You'll be supporting the little guy who is not just out to get your money by showing Britney's flesh all over the cover, but is making music because it's fun!

So if you like what you've seen and heard, why not treat yourself to your very own piece of this very rare music catalog!

Most of our albums can be ordered for $10 including shipping. Some albums are not available or out of print.

Please send us an email first to letting us know which cd you want before you send your money. Include which album title(s) you wish to order along with your name and address. Then we will email you back letting you know where to send your money (we can't take credit cards, we're too small... checks or money orders or paypal only, sorry). Then, we will make your cd(s) while your money is being sent to us, and when your money arrives, we will immediately ship your cd(s).

For paypal just let us know that it's your preferred method of payment when you send your email, and we will give you the info on how to make a paypal payment.

We know this is an inconvenient ordering process, but it's the best we can do "at this time".

So yeah, sure you could find one of the lucky few people who owns one of the few hundred cds that exist and burn their cd into your iPod and have it for free... But you won't have the cool handmade liner notes and hand signed cd now will you? Well? ...will you?

So click the link below to send us your order.....