Welcome to the Super Secret SillyCar page! This page is only accessible to those who've read the whole SillyCar story and clicked the link at the bottom of the page!

The photo to the left is of the 1987 YUGO that I used to own. A very silly car indeed, however it was not called that at the time because the name had not yet been invented!

Note the cool racing stripe down the side and the white hub caps and white grillework. That car was sharp!

For those who are wondering about the 1974 Dodge Colt, I have not yet found any pictures of that car, but I think some exist. If I find one I will add it to this page! As of right now the only thing left of that car is the door that covers the gas cap (which I saved because of the cool paint job), the GT emblems, and the owners manual. Maybe I'll post a picture from the owners manual just for reference.

This is the original "SillyCar". A 1987 Toyota Celica ST. This car was purchased used by my brother Dave, and then I bought it from him in 1991. I drove this car for 5 years and really beat the crap out of it. It endured three harsh winters at Oswego State and many high speed outings (those were the years of the tickets!). When I finally sold this car, it had 155,000 miles on it and though the body was rusting in spots, the engine ran like a top. You would have a hard time telling if the car was on when it was idling because it was so darned quiet! More quiet than the current SillyCar when it was brand new! I loved the Celica and may consider another in the future.... We'll See. Email me your opinion on what should be the new SillyCar because if you've read this far, you must like cars... and besides, I'd love to know who really reads this crap too!

This is the current SillyCar, a 1995 Honda Del Sol Si which I purchased as a leftover in 1996 with 27 miles on it. This car has a removable hard top that stores at the top of the trunk and has its own hydraulics to lift it so you can put stuff underneath it! Now that's silly. Plus it only has two seats.... really silly.

This car currently has 77,000 miles on it and I am currently planning to keep it at least til it hits 100,000. But I have been thinking about what to get next as I mentioned in the SillyCar Story.

I would love an Audi TT but I think it's too expensive for me. I also like the following, Acura RSX (type S for silly), the Toyota Celica GT-S (s for silly), and the Cooper Mini S (again S for silly). What are your thoughts?

Here's the new Mini Cooper... Is that silly enough?


If you like it, check out their website at www.miniusa.com. Heck, check it out even if you don't like the car because the website is ultra cool!

Or perhaps the Smart Car would be a more appropriate successor to the SillyCar name! It's currently only available in Europe though :(

This one was at a dealership in Salzburg Austria. I just had to get my picture in one! They are really cool. Inside and out...


Well, that's it for this secret page for now.... If you've seen this one, you've probably seen them all so I would like to take this moment to thank you for taking the time to check out what I have created! I hope you had fun, and most importantly, I hope you enjoy the music.... Because that's what it's all about.....

See ya,


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